"Key of San Diego Property Management is great. I recommend them to anyone who needs to rent out a property in San Diego or to any looking to rent a property. The have a great website with photos and descriptions of the properties in many different areas of the city.

A co-worker highly recommended them to me when I inherited a house in San Diego. I knew nothing about being a landlord or managing a property. I didn't know where to begin. Would I have to do a lot of work? How much will the rent be? Lots of questions.

I met Olga Alan at the house and I was immediately relieved. She was really nice and really familiar with my situation. She knew just what had to be done and most of all what didn't have to be done. She has all the resources for what was needed. Painters, landscapers, maintenance etc. She advertises the property, screens the applicants, rents the house. Everything was done. I have a great tenant!"

- Mike B.

"As a tenant, I couldn't ask for more personal service from a property manager. Yesterday I reported online kitchen faucet leak and this morning everything was fixed! My move in process was pretty smooth, we got Move In inspection with photos of the property keeping in my file."
- Alexa D.

"Thank you Key of San Diego Property Management! Professional approach, local company, fast rented my condo!"
- Mary S.

"My husband and I are working and living in China now. We were so tired to manage our single family house in San Diego on the phone! Thank you to Olga that she took care of our home! Great service for the Landlords: we know now that our bills, mortgage, insurance will be paid in time. She found great tenants less that 10 days! Thank you!"
- Lena A.

"Very comfortable website, I am using online auto pay rent payment option, so do not have to care for my rent payments in time. Good maintenance service."
- Brent T.