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Resident Corner

Hold onto Great Customers: Sending a referral to a property manager shouldn't mean saying goodbye to future sales commissions. Let us handle the property's management needs and we'll refer future sales back to you.

Cut Out Unnecessary Risk: You could be unknowingly taking on financial liability by providing bad advice on complicated matters like housing law and insurance requirements. Keep yourself protected and let us do the hard work for you.

We Develop a Detailed Contract: We want you to feel comfortable working with our team, which is why we craft a detailed contract to outline the expectations and responsibilities of both parties in our referral agreement.

We Protect Your Reputation: Don't throw away all of your hard work spent building a good reputation in our local market. Work with a property management firm that will guarantee your client's satisfaction and make you look great in the process.

Use our tenant calculator to determine your potential earnings. We pay you a Referral Fee of $300* for every referral who ultimately signs a property management contract with us. * Full Management only, other conditions apply, contact us for more details.